Looking After Children in Ontario (OnLAC) - Part 1 of 3

Language training English
Type of event Classroom/In person
Open to whom? Parents or social workers who work with children

General information

Training offered in 3 parts:

  • October 21, 2021 - PART 1 (6 pm to 9 pm)
  • October 28, 2021 - PART 2 (6 pm to 9 pm)
  • November 4, 2021 - PART 3 (6pm to 9 pm)

What is OnLAC (Ontario Looking After Children?

 Based on the LAC model developed in England in 1987, OnLAC is used for identifying a child or youth’s strengths and needs, developing his/her plan of care and the collecting data on the progress of children and youth in care. OnLAC is based on a developmental model, is strengths-based and grounded in resilience theory. The data collection and research component of OnLAC provides a structured approach to gathering information with children and youth to inform a holistic assessment of strengths, abilities and needs; and contributes to the development and effective implementation of plans of care.

OnLAC is outcomes focused and anchored in the premise that assessment leads to action. Underpinning OnLAC is the value that good parenting = good outcomes for children and youth. The core document of OnLAC is the “Assessment and Action Record” (AAR) that tracks a child or youth’s progress in seven life dimensions: health, identity, family and social relationships, emotional and behavioural development, self-care skills and education. The AAR is completed annually by the child/youth, caregiver and worker.

The AAR is a clinical and research tool as well as an interactive direct service tool which is designed to be used to:

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of the substitute parenting
  • Promote positive development and resilience.
  • Collect children and youth data from a developmental and strength-based perspective
  • Generate the Child/Youth’s plan of care

OnLAC aims to improve the life experiences and conditions of vulnerable children and youth by identifying individual needs, focusing on competency development and improving the child/youth’s long-term outcomes. The AAR identifies a child/youth’s developmental internal and external assets which are used to develop goals within the child/youth’s plan of care.

Trainers : Amélie Deslauriers et Laurie Martin

To register, send an email to inscriptions@valorsolutions.ca OR call 613.249.8593 (x4729)

Event Properties

Event Date 28 October 2021
Event End Date 28 October 2021
Event time 6 pm to 9 pm
Location Virtuel